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With over 18’000 restaurants, more than 1’000 art spaces, and countless activities in Paris, it’s difficult and time-consuming to choose the right places to visit - especially if you don’t want to be like any other tourist, but want to find your own local favorites.

Unlike guide books, we’re always up to date, and unlike many bloggers and influencers, we are 100% independent. Besides, other recommendations often reflect the author’s taste which doesn’t necessarily match yours.

‘Where should I go?’ brings you recommendations that actually fit YOUR taste.

So before you ask yourself where you should go, ask us!


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Here are some examples of what you get from us. Of course, your result will be catered to you. Expect 8-16 tips per travel day on restaurants, bars and nightclubs, culture, art, architecture, shopping, sport, spas, leisure activities, or whatever you desire.



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